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Things Got Heated In The Kitchen

I thought I would share today’s experience as it was rather odd and I don’t really know what to think about it, besides of the fact someone was having a really horrible day.

So a co-worker and I were thinking about a place to go for lunch and I had a mentioned a great Filipino food place that was not too far away from work. So we went there and arrived, the guy who works at the counter was very friendly and remembered me from the  last time I ate there which was about 2 weeks ago.

So my co-worker and I ordered and sat down at a table close to the entry way. We were having a great conversation about work and outside projects when not too long after we sat down, you could hear an argument in the kitchen, I mean this was a heated argument. No pun intended, but it got so heated everyone in the restaurant turned around to look towards the back to see if there were going to be any pots and pans flying through. My co-worker and I looked at each other and was ready to bolt out of there not knowing how mad the guy was in the back or how far he was going to take his anger.

The nice gentleman in the front counter looked distressed, worried and embarrassed. I felt horrible that all of this was happening especially knowing the nice man felt helpless. So about 5 minutes later the whole kitchen staff, three guys and a lady came out of the kitchen pushing out one of the guys, I am assuming he was the guy yelling.

Finally things calmed down a bit and most of the customers left during the quarrel. My co-worker and I stayed through it. After a while the man calmed down and left, that’s when we left to go back to the office. But before we left, I thanked the man at the counter for a wonderful meal, and that I would be back again soon. He smiled and said thank you very much and sorry for the scene. I said no worries, it seems like that guy is extremely passionate about cooking.

The only takeaway I have for this story is that it’s probably not good to be mad while cooking or near food. Cooking is energy and anger and frustration will give off its own energy as well. Not to say the food will be tainted with evil, but it probably wasn’t given the  love and attention it could have received. I don’t think that cook made our food as a woman brought it out but she wasn’t part of the 3 men and a lady from the argument.

Overall I’m just glad no one got hurt. The whole incident was bizarre but interesting at the same time. Just thought I share my experience for today.

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Mind Melt of Unfinished Projects

So I am one of those creative types that always seem to have many projects going on at once, and I always end up not finishing most the projects I started. I get frustrated and disappointed with myself and then I give up the project that had me most excited completely.

Why do some of us do that?

Have you ever found your self in a place of euphoria when starting a new project, then six months later your project has collected an insane layer of dust, or your project’s last file update didn’t make it into the new year? Do you sometimes get overwhelmed or feel unsure about your project and give it up because it now has become a chore instead of something fun to do.

In MY case, there are factors that I recognize that are causing me this issue.

These examples above have been true in my case. There may be some other underlying issues, but these hit the ball out the park as far as I’m concerned. If even one of these applies to you try these simple techniques below to help you stay focused.

Here are ways I do my best to manage projects and get things done.

  1. Get organized!
    Your work space is very important to allow your ideas to flow and become more creative. Just like at a company the day you start, your desk should be clean and well organized so you can get going on your work.

    Think about the supplies you need and how you maintain desk accessories, and the tools you work with for easy access. Get in the habit of putting things away at the end of every work day.

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  2. Quiet Space. No matter where you are, whether in an office setting or your at home office. You need to have peace in order to think and progress in your projects. You can’t get peace with loud co-workers at your job or family running around everywhere in your at home space.

    Do your best to create a space that is designated for quiet. If you live in a small space and there is no room for a separate office, try working in a time of day when people are away, or sleep. Take your project to a library or park. Set working hours to flex around family.

    In the office If you can’t take your away from your desk, crank up your head phones, get ear plugs, and try not to converse with your work peers when it’s not necessary until the project is complete.

    Getting away from distraction also ties into organization. If there are no bells and whistles to get your attention, you can get allot more done.

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  3.  One project at a time. When starting a new project, you will probably get a feeling of excitement and eagerness to take on a new project. I know I do! So you get started on a cool project, you are gaining momentum and then all of a sudden a new cooler project appears or some awesome product to steer you in a different direction than where you had started.

    Take one project at a time! There are so many tools out there from project management to design. Yes, they are probably great to check out but unless you really have a need for them they will always steal you away from your focus by taking time to research, try and analyze.

    Stay focused on your business or project, finish what you start. The worst thing is to automatically abandon your hard work because you found something you think is going to be better than what you are doing!

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  4. No burn out. If you find yourself getting burned out of a project you’re most likely will never finish it. Make small obtainable goals everyday you work on your projects.

    If you have something on your mind that you want to incorporate into your work, jot it down on a note pad and take a break.

    Get up and get some fresh air, take a day off from the project. Then the next time you come back to it, you’ll have more focus and most likely will finish the job.

What do you do to stay motivated and focused on projects? How do you cope with distractions that are out of your control? Love to hear your feed back!