Quick Tip: Enjoy The So Little Time

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There are only 24 hours in a day, 8 or more are spent at work, the next 5 to 6 hours are spent with family or with yourself. If you have school after work then you have less time to go around as your days speed through in a slow pace, because you are waiting for the year to be over so you can finish and graduate.

The next 6 to 8 hours are spent sleeping, well at least you hope. Then there is the morning where you may have 2 hours or less for your self as you get ready to go to work.   There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do much.

If you find yourself needing more time, I have good and bad news. You’re not going to get more than 24 hours, but you can play with the remaining hours you do have for yourself.

Write down what you do during the hours you have free, make a plan to give yourself at least an hour of no computer and no social media. Fill your extra time with things you really enjoy, like a good book, drinking a cup of coffee or writing a story, listening to music and dancing in your room. What ever you do, enjoy the little time you have left in a day as you should enjoy living the remaining years of your life. Have a great week.

Enjoy the so little time.


Where’s Your at Peace Place?

My peaceful place is always near a body of water. The images in this post were taken today. Living in Vegas for over 4 years now, I try to give myself a retreat as often as possible. I’m am thankful that I have a understanding family that supports my needs for time alone.

The ocean has always been my place to seek peace and refuge when I need some time to think and explore creativity, when I lived in Southern California i would seek to be near it, even for a moment or two.

It’s very important to give yourself some time alone. You don’t have to take trips, or travel anywhere. Your solitude can come in the form of reading a good book in your room. Taking a stroll at your favorite park or retreats in a nice warm bath.

It also could be building wood furniture out in your garage, or knitting something for a loved one, watching a movie or taking a class. Your peaceful place can be anything and anywhere, it’s up to you!

When you need some time for yourself, where do you go? Where is at peace place? How has taking time for yourself helped you?

A Quick Lesson From a Free Spirited Freelancer

So I have been at my current job for about 3 months now and I work with great people, each one has a unique talent and I am continuing learning something from them.

Just in the past 4 weeks I have been working along side a coworker from overseas we’ll call him Jim and he has been our design freelancer long before I cam aboard the company, so he was invited to come on a work Visa in the office and meet with us all.

Jim and I have been talking about life situations and the general stuff most freelance traveling types talk about…life. One day I asked him about living the way he does, works as a design freelancer, travels around to work on projects with various companies and has no general interest in working with the company other than to create great products and work on things that really matter to him

His mentality about how he lives his life made so much sense to me and more natural than what I have been spoon fed about how our society interprets living.

His current idea of success is living basic, not material, not living with an accumulation of stuff and material possessions.

Working to live and enjoy the life during his youth and not waiting to be older and retired to finally live.

Having a passion to explore and meet new people and get out of your comfort zone.

I took some time to look at myself and not try to compare but to try to understand the way I think about the world as I know it.

Jim sent me this inspiring YouTube video yesterday which sums up the way he thinks. You may have seen this one it’s been around a while. If you haven’t seen it either way take a moment to listen to this guy’s experience.

My admiration for out of the box free thinkers like Jim will help me stay focused and motivated. I hope this video inspires you too.

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Can’t Seem to Balance Work Life Balance?

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This is a struggle I am having currently in my life. This thing called “work life balance.” Do I really have such a thing and how do I really achieve it? If you look at it like this, It’s not necessarily real for allot of people. We have jobs, family, school, outside activities that take up at least 16 hours of our day each week. The last time I had anything close to work life balance it was when I worked four 8 hour shifts and had 3 days off each week. That was the most work life balance I have ever had. I really do feel I was at my most happiest state.

Now I am on a mission to achieve that reality and have the balance I am craving. I’m seeking the balance so I can work on my businesses. Working a nine to five is difficult when you are building your dream, but there are ways to manage your time to get more balanced and to feel like a whole person again. So when the next time some one asks how you’re feeling you can honestly say “I’m good thanks”


  • Schedule one hour a week to have your me time consistently.
    This can be 1 hour a day, reading a book, meditating, praying, taking a bath, taking a walk. making art, talking with a friend. I schedule a energy healing session twice a month. What ever you do you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed to keep going.
  • Adjust your work schedule.
    If you have a flexible schedule at work, see if you can work from home a couple days a week if possible. Get as much as done as you can and prioritize the rest of your day to focus on you or your family.
    If you can’t adjust your work schedule, take as many breaks as possible to get outside and get some fresh air. Even a 5 minute break will help you feel refreshed.
  • Let things go.
    Work and family make us busy enough, if possible skip on the small chores one day and move those chores another day that’s flexible and spend the time you’ve created with yourself and with loved ones.
  • Make the time.
    If you think there is absolutely no time within your schedule to take a break for yourself. I challenge you to find the time, whether it’s an 1/2 hour after your family goes to bed or 1 hour before everyone wakes up. Create the time by moving your schedule around.
  • Take a break from social media.
    Now I’m not saying give it up, but just take a break from it. The time you spend on social media could be allot more than you might think! There was a time that I took a 6 month hiatus from all social media, it was hard at first but I it was the mental break I needed. Try a day or two break it to start.

Where ever you find your time, make it count. The time you have is valuable for self care. We all have to work but make the most of how you care for your well being. I’m going to continue to strive for work life balance. Family is very important to me and I want to make sure my legacy remains in their memories that I was there for them

How do you balance your work and life? Share your ideas, Leave a comment below!

Last note, I love audio books. And these days reading for me is listening to an audio book on the way to work. My next listen will be this book called:

Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction

I’m going to give away 1 hard copy version of this book to 1 lucky reader, just to say thank you for reading my blog.

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