Inspirational Weekend Update: Mission Good Deed


Another weekend has passed and how busy it was, when you have a family the to do list grows and grows and it seems like it doesn’t end. But last week I said I was going to do some good deeds, well honestly I only accomplished one, but the mission was to do a good deed.

So part about remaining anonymous was semi accurate because It all started when my husband and I took our son out to run some errands and we were getting hungry driving around here and there. So we stopped at a burger joint on the corner where we had to go shopping on the way.

As we pulled up to the drive thru area I saw a young man sitting on the corner of a convenience store straight across to the right of the drive thru. He was holding up a sign made with from cardboard with black marker writing. At first glance I thought it was just another sign that usually reads “Will work for food.” or “Hungry please help.” Instead his sign said something completely different and it caught my eye. It said, “Please smile.”

He wasn’t asking for anyone to give him anything, and by the looks of him he did look like he went through some hard times. Rarely I give anything to people on street corners due to the fact there are plenty of scam artists every where, especially in Vegas. You wonder if they have their Mercedes and BMW’s parked on the far end of the parking lot. It does happen.

But this guy I felt was honestly in need, so I asked my husband to order an extra burger from the drive thru and a drink. So he did and pulled away from the drive thru to park on the back of where he was sitting. My husband grabbed the food and drink and I sat in the back of the vehicle with my son and watched my husband deliver the food to the man.

I could see the surprise on his face as my husband walked away towards our vehicle. When my husband got back in he smiled and said, “All done, and he said thank you.”

I smiled and said,”Great! I hope that will be ok for him.” So we left to finish the rest of our errands. It felt good to help. We set out to help someone and the opportunity presented itself in a unique way.  The young man did get something extra but he didn’t see it, the smiles that came from helping him.

Now my next mission is to keep serving where ever I can. I really thinks that one of the big reasons why we are all here, is to offer help and service. It will appear in many forms, but you will know when it comes. When you have intention on something, it will eventually appear.

Do Something Great Neon Sign Photo
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash




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