Long Time No See

Today I was inspired by people who I used to work with and haven’t seen in a few years. This was at a friend’s wedding reception and it was nice to see some people that I knew. I really didn’t realize how much time had passed since seeing them. And having them as your friend on Facebook is not the same. Social media gives the illusion of connection and togetherness but seeing these familiar faces in real life made me realize how blessed I am to know great people, and how wonderful it was to see them in person.

When looking at the bigger picture. The people we encounter over the years, you see growth in yourself. You see how far you’ve come along, and your peers as well. You genuinely care about all of their adventures, their hurdles, how they think and how they have lived so far. Its an awesome experience to re-live good memories and get to know the people you used to matter in your life.

I will plan to make an effort to reunite with old friends and even acquaintances for Real Face Time.

Have you ever called or text someone you haven’t spoke to in years, to see if they wanted to get together?


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